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Business Travel Pioneers brings together the frontrunners -  the actual pioneers - who focus on sustainable business travel. These people are committed to an ecologically responsible travel policy. In this way they contribute to achieving climate goals and also benefit from the social and economic advantages of a smart and efficient travel policy.

Empowering each other in a coalition, leading by example, and sharing knowledge and expertise: that is the way these pioneers are a catalyst for sustainable travel. Experienced coalition partners offer useful insights to policymakers and stakeholders about the current barriers to and economic benefits of sustainable business travel. With this enabling framework, sustainable business travel becomes the new standard.

Did you know that airplanes are responsible for 3.5 percent of Europe's CO2 emissions? Unfortunately, business travelers have a big share in those emissions. But we can change those facts and figures! You hold the key to creating a positive impact: for the climate and for your own company. And hey, you are not alone! Together with other pioneers, our coalition of Business Travel Pioneers will help you on your way!

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